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 (kä′där), János Originally János Csermanek 1912-1989.
Hungarian politician and first secretary-general of the Hungarian Communist Party (1956-1988). A member of the invading Soviet forces in the 1956 revolution, he twice served as prime minister (1956-1958 and 1961-1965).
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| Mark Dabbs with his calendar and (clockwise from left) Bulgarian politician Georgi Dimitrov, the entry for May 2019; Hungarian communist leader Janos Kadar (January); Isambard Kingdom Brunel (December); and former Argentinian president Raul Alfonsin (August)
The decision to execute Nagy was not made by the Soviets but by his Soviet-installed successor as Hungarian prime minister, Janos Kadar. To his dying day three weeks after Nagy's reburial in 1989, Kadar could only refer to the patriot he condemned to death as "that man." By the early 1960s, Kadar had settled scores with as many revolutionaries as he could lay hands on.
1979 Hungary's ruling Communist Party elects 57-year-old Prime Minister Karoly Grosz to succeed Janos Kadar as general secretary.
In the 1950s and 1960s, the Soviets intervened in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia supposedly to save the local regimes against "enemies of Socialism." Wladyslaw Gomulka in Poland, Janos Kadar in Hungry and Alexander Dubcek in Czechoslovakia were first saved and then dumped.
She grew up in Budapest during the decades known as the "Kadar Era," named after Communist Party leader Janos Kadar, who experimented with the pseudo-consumerist one-party system known as "goulash Communism." The Summer My Father Died is a colorful chronicle of her attachment to and conflicts with her father, a staunch Jewish member of the Communist Party and ardent believer in the future of Marxist-Leninism.
The relatively sympathetic assessment of Janos Kadar's regime and the making of what was called "goulash communism" largely follows the mainstream historiographical consensus, as does the conclusion that "accelerating decline in the real incomes of most of the population" (p.
After 1956, under the Socialist regime headed by Janos Kadar until 1988, abortions were funded by the government's social-health agency.
Because the Hungarian regime of Janos Kadar was trying to present itself as practicing a more reformed version of communism, it tolerated Pfeifer entering the country.
Hundreds died and were wounded, and the Communist Party was so shocked by the incident that it sacked Erno Ger|, replacing him with Janos Kadar. Soviet troops began pulling out of the Hungarian capital on October 30.
Janos Kadar endorsed the multiparty system and Hungarian independence only to defect to Moscow and establish a puppet government under the auspices of the Kremlin.
Further along the train are strange echoes of Communism-refurbished classic cars dating from the 1950s used by President Janos Kadar and the communist Russian puppet government of the time.