v. i.1.See Jaunt.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that two terrorist groups launched an attack at the same time, in a late hour last night, a security post belonging to the 110th Brigade in the popular mobilization forces stationed in Jant valley near Saadiya district, northeast of Baquba, wounding a fighter.
And their business is now a flourishing multi-store operation called the Jant Group Inc.
'Since October 2017, the sewage line outside my shop has been overflowing which has ruined my business during the final days of Ramazan in which the income is equal to the whole year's earnings,' said Jant, a shopkeeper on Masjid Road.
It can handle moisture levels of up to 12,000 parts per million and be run at speeds of up to 300 rpm, says Sushant Jant, a senior scientist in applications and technology with the company.
Jant Hopkinson, of Sanderson Young, said: "The Fulmar is a particularly attractive holiday home and it includes a very spacious first-floor living area with two sets of patio doors opening out on to a lovely balcony.
Autoriaus ar bendraautoriu vardai ir pavardes spaus dinami mazosiomis raidemis 11 pt Bold sriftu cen truo jant. Po pavardes 10 pt Italic sriftu rasomas auto riaus (bend raautoriu) atstovaujamos institucijos pavadi nimas, jos adresas, autoriaus el.
After a spell with a youth contemporary company led by 5e Dimension performer Papa Sy, Kaolack took part in several workshops with Kaay Fecc and at the Ecole des Sables, and worked with Germaine Acogny's Jant bi Company.
JANT Pharmacal Corporation www.rsleads.com/305ml-151
Speaking on the occasion of the first trading day of Jantsa Jant Sanayi ve Ticaret A.E[currency]., Turhan said that since the beginning of the new year, 14 companies have been listed on the equity market and eight companies on the emerging companies market, which together provided the source of the TL 28.2 billion.