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n.1.(Zool.) See Ianthina.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Johnson, 1992) 35 Ocaria petelina (Hewitson, 1877) 36 Megathecla cupentus (Stoll, 1781) 37 Janthecla janthina (Hewitson, 1867) 38 Lamasina ganimedes (Cramer, 1775) 39 Lamprospilus calatia (Hewitson, 1873) 40 Lamprospilus coelicolor (Butler & H.
FIS SURELLIDAE Diodora digueti Fissurella rubropicta HAMINOEIDAE Haminoea vesicula Haminoea virescens JANTHINIDAE Janthina janthina Janthina sp.
Examples include Bassina pachyphylla, Pyrazus ebineus, Tonna cerevisina, Janthina janthina, Opalia australis and Cymbiola magnifica.
"Ten Kids, No Pets" is the story of the Ross family, which does indeed include 10 kids: Abigail, Bainbridge, Candy, Dagwood, Eberhard, Faustine, Gardenia, Hannah, Ira and Janthina. The first letters of those names gives you a clue to how Mrs.
& Salv., 1887) X X Celmia celmus (Cramer, 1775) X Cupathecla cupentus (Stoll, 1790) X X Erora subflorens Schaus, 1923 X X Janthecla janthina (Hewitson, 1867) X Laothus viridicans (Felder, 1865) X Laothus gibberosa (Hewitson, 1867) X X Lamasina draudti Lathy, 1926 * X Lamprospilus sp.
JEWELMER winning bidder Paolo Prieto, Sea Princess, Janthina Fong, Alexandre Catoire, Tim Yap
Loggerheads also consume pelagic gastropods that display the same colors, such as the common purple snail (Janthina janthina).
in eastern Turkey are Aulacobaris coerulescens (Scopoli 1763), Melanobaris crambephaga (Korotyaev & Gultekin 1999), Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus (Marsham 1802), Ceutorhynchus erivanus Schultze 1898, Ceutorhynchus fabrilis Faust 1887, Ceutorhynchus sophiae Gyllenhal 1837, whereas those associated with Crambe tataria Sebeok in central Anatolia are Bruchela suturalis (Fabricius 1792), Aulacobaris janthina (Boheman 1836), Melanobaris sp.
These included Janthina spp., which occurred in 75% of samples, and Planes spp., which occurred in 56% of samples.
The Ryukyu robin (Erithacus komadori) and the Japanese laurel pigeon (Columba janthina) are considered to be "natural monuments." There are 15 species of reptiles, belonging to seven families, including the endemic Gekko yakuensis.
Fillies sweep the board in the Prix Morny at Deauville, with Broadway Dancer (Angel Penna/Yves Saint-Martin) beating Janthina (Jean-Paul Lefevre) by six lengths.