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n.1.A machine of great antiquity, used in Bengal for raising water to irrigate land.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Lance Carr led the Blue Knights with 20 points while playmaker Jantu Rubiato added 16.
Gornick & Markus Jantu, Poverty, in STATE OF THE
Narayana Bhatta, for example, acknowledges that some people interpret the JU passage in interiorized terms--'here' (atra) refers to the body and not to Banaras, 'creature' (jantu) refers to the individual soul (jiva), and so forth, so that there is still a need for the full set of practices necessary to engage in the Vedantic quest for enlightenment.
It is at this camp that Dara and her family meet another family, with a daughter, Jantu who soon becomes her friend.
During this move Jantu's younger brother is wounded and must be taken to a hospital.
Other members of the finals-bound Ateneo are Jc Adona, Jantu Rubiato, Joachim Weill, Kent Batilo, Isaac Go, Lance Carr, Alfonso Labao, Paolo Antonio, Alfred Nicolas, Migoy Castillo, Christian Bacalso and Jed delos Santos.
At SIIF, Dale was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jantus S.L., SIIF's holding company, David was Chief Financial Officer, and Tamara was General Counsel.
International Resource News-April 8, 2011--CPFL Energia SA acquires share of Jantus SL(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
CPFL Energia SA (CPFE3.BR), a Brazil-based electrical energy company, has acquired 100 percent of Jantus SL, which owns wind-power operations in Brazil, from a group including United States-based Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and a unit of Citicorp (NYSE:C).