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Noun1.January 6 - twelve days after ChristmasJanuary 6 - twelve days after Christmas; celebrates the visit of the three wise men to the infant Jesus
Christian holy day - a religious holiday for Christians
Jan, January - the first month of the year; begins 10 days after the winter solstice
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The other six servants in the house bear no relation to the events of the night of January 6th.
The exhibition which lasted from December 9th till January 6th achieved a remarkable success as more than 1.
January 6th • Dirty Dog Bar • Austin, TX
On January 6th Prime minister had made the inauguration of Pakistan's first nursing University with the cooperation of Government of Bahrain but Federal Minister for CADD has failed to liberate the allocated land for the said University from his relatives.
North Korea's nuclear test on January 6th, along with other identical and related activities, constitutes a breach of relevant Security Council resolutions, Amano wrote in the report.
Tulsa, Oklahoma, on January 6th , 2016 at 1:00 PM (Local Time).
The Moon poses near the planetary pair on January 6th and 7th (see below).
30pm, for Requieum Mass on Wednesday, January 6th at 10am followed by Interment at Almondbury Cemetery.
Miller, 79, of Worcester, died on Tuesday, January 6th in UMass Memorial Medical Center u University Campus after an illness.
Viva customers can take advantage of LTE services for free from January 6th until the end of February 2014, after which the service is available as an add on for BD 5.
Hoops joined Legg Mason on January 6th and will be a member of Legg Mason's executive committee, reporting to CEO and president Joseph A Sullivan.
In order to help you prepare for Armenian Christmas on January 6th, I want to remind you all to make Anoushabour (literal translation - 'sweet soup.