Sea of Japan

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Noun1.Sea of Japan - an arm of the Pacific between China and Japan
Pacific, Pacific Ocean - the largest ocean in the world
mar del Japó
Japonské moře
Japanische Meer
Jaapani meri
mer du Japon
Japansko more
Morze Japońskie
Японське море
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Two years ago, we expressed in this space the half-whimsical hope that a resolution might be achieved with the choice of an entirely new, neutral name -- not Sea of Japan, Sea of Korea or East Sea (the last a barely disguised nose-thumbing at Japan), but some fourth label with a natural rather than a geographic reference.
What matters today is that the names Sea of Japan, Sea of Korea and East Sea are all unacceptable because they are a source of festering ill will between two neighboring countries that have every reason to be amicable.

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