Japanese iris

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Japanese iris

A plant of any of various cultivars of an iris (Iris ensata) native to Japan, having large blue to red-violet flowers.

Jap′anese i′ris

a plant, Iris kaempferi, native to Japan, having broad, showy flowers in a variety of colors.
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Noun1.Japanese iris - iris native to Japan having large showy flowersJapanese iris - iris native to Japan having large showy flowers
beardless iris - any of numerous wild or cultivated irises having no hairs on the drooping sepals (the falls)
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There will be shade and sun perennials such as peonies, day lilies, ferns, Japanese iris and more available for $3 to $5 per clump.
Viola, Japanese Iris, Dierama and Dodecatheon also do well.
"You might need to have a plastic or rubber liner and top the moisture levels up in summer, as true bog garden plants, such as native marsh marigolds and the lovely Japanese Iris ensata, soon look very sick if subjected to dry summer soils." Getting started To create a bog garden from scratch, excavate your designated area to a depth of 45cm.
In a memoir, one of Upjohn's daughters--Genevieve--recalled that her father first tried his hand at growing Japanese iris at the family summer retreat in Augusta.
Grow Japanese iris in moist, acid soil in full or filtered sun.
Some of the flowers are: rose, hyacinth, carnation, tulip, Japanese iris, and Gerbera daisy.
Try kingcups (Caltha palustris), the flowering rush (Butomus umbellatus), with its lovely pink flowers, and Japanese iris.

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