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Adj.1.Japanese-speaking - able to communicate in Japanese
communicatory, communicative - able or tending to communicate; "was a communicative person and quickly told all she knew"- W.M.Thackeray
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Among the improvements: an information kiosk staffed by Japanese-speaking attendants, and discounts and small gifts offered by some merchants to customers who present a Japan Airlines Hawaiian Islands Member card.
The home of America's largest Japanese-speaking community, Hawaii at the time was the only state with a prime-time Japanese-language TV channel.
On this day, however, the divers poised at the edge of the rocks are novices from Japan, and their Japanese-speaking instructors from the Breeze Hawaii scuba shop carefully stress the crucial aspects of timing.
Additionally, Ocean Activities has built up its Japanese business, partly by adding Japanese-speaking partner William Lopresto, so that Japanese business now represents about 15 percent of revenues and, more important, fills seasonal traffic gaps when the number of U.S.
Summary: The social media platform sought feedback from Arabic, English, Spanish and Japanese-speaking members to update the policy.
The Yokohama contact center holds about 100 employees to provide customer care, native language and technical support services to Japanese-speaking consumers on behalf of a global media services provider.
ServiceNow's follow-the-sun global data center operational and customer support includes Japanese-speaking customer support personnel.
The players left the athletes' village following their game against Qatar on Thursday to eat at a restaurant where they met a Japanese-speaking local, who told them about a bar where they could meet women, according to news agencyKyodo News.
With its Japanese website, it now serves Japanese-speaking clients to be informed of AGIP's various services, activities, news and the latest developments related to Intellectual Property (IP) laws, regulations, registration requirements and practices.
Many of the tourists are retirees aged sixty-five or older, so they prefer packaged tours with Japanese-speaking tour guides while traveling.
Abe initiated the handshake, asking "Shall we shake hands?" Then, Trump extended his hand, patted Abe's hands for some time and then pulled him closer to ask (in reference to the Japanese-speaking photographers in the room) "What are they saying?"