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 (jā′fĭth′, jăf′ĭth)
In the Bible, a son of Noah and the brother of Shem and Ham.


(Bible) Old Testament the second son of Noah, traditionally regarded as the ancestor of a number of non-Semitic nations (Genesis 10:1–5)


(ˈdʒeɪ fɪθ)

a son of Noah. Gen. 5:32.
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Noun1.Japheth - (Old Testament) son of NoahJapheth - (Old Testament) son of Noah    
Old Testament - the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible
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Still, we had great fun with Japhet in 'Search of a Father', and with
Well, I will avenge you of this wretch," replied D'Artagnan, giving himself the airs of Don Japhet of Armenia.
Here in close recess With Flowers, Garlands, and sweet-smelling Herbs Espoused EVE deckt first her Nuptial Bed, And heav'nly Quires the Hymenaean sung, What day the genial Angel to our Sire Brought her in naked beauty more adorn'd, More lovely then PANDORA, whom the Gods Endowd with all thir gifts, and O too like In sad event, when to the unwiser Son Of JAPHET brought by HERMES, she ensnar'd Mankind with her faire looks, to be aveng'd On him who had stole JOVES authentic fire.
Guillaume Macaire's seven-year-old was a leading contender, along with stable mate Japhet, for the Royal & SunAlliance Chase next month and was expected to have his second start in Britain in the Amlin Reynoldstown Novice Chase at Ascot tomorrow.
It won't be long though with Japhet pencilled in to run at Newbury early in February and there will be plenty of action along the way as the Frenchman sets out to add to the weekend wins of Jair Du Cochet and Heros Collonges.
Also freed by Judge Japhet Banda was Mr Moyce Kaulungombe, Mr Kaunda's bodyguard.
Japhet returns to action in a Flat race at Nancy tomorrow.
5-1 Japhet, 10-1 Katarino, Valley Henry, 12-1 Colonel Braxton, Maximise, Southern Star, 14-1 Direct Access, Le Coudray, 16-1 Be My Royal, 20-1 Chives, Frosty Canyon, Garruth, Gola Cher, It Takes Time, October Mist, Risk Accessor, Truckers Tavern, 25-1 Bar.
However, tackling three miles and a furlong here, the 3-1 favourite was switched off at the rear early on by Dobbin, came through to lead three from home and had a comfortable ten lengths to spare over Southern Star at the post, with half a length to French challenger Japhet.
Perhaps the horse everyone is looking forward to seeing run for the first time outside his native land is highly-regarded Japhet.