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1. Something characteristically Japanese.
2. The influence of Japan on European art, especially in impressionism.

[French japonisme, from Japon, Japan.]
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Japonism, Japonisme

a style of art, idiom, custom, mannerism, etc., typical of the Japanese.
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References in classic literature ?
"There are treasures behind these locked doors, brocades, old jewels, unframed pictures, bronzes, chinoiseries, Japoneries."
In Pierre Loti's three books on Japan, Madame Chrysantheme (1887), Japoneries d'automne (1889) and La Troisieme Jeunesse de Madame Prune (1905), this ambivalence is noticeable.
Some notes in Japoneries d'automne stand out particularly: 'Passons vite, tout cela sent la race jaune, la moisissure et la mort;" 'Et puis ces odeurs de race jaune, de cuisine au riz, de musc, de je ne sais quoi, vous ecoeurent' (p.