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A language family including Japanese and the indigenous languages of the Ryukyu Islands.
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Its trisyllabic length is also suspicious and tells us that if it is not a loan, then there are good chances that it is a compound, since most Japonic roots are either mono- or disyllabic.
He argued that clashes are most likely when the eight great civilizations (Western, Orthodox, Islamic, Buddhist, Chinese, Hindu, Japonic, and Sub-Saharan Africa) are in close proximity.
Kondo, "Pharmacological studies of Panacis japonic irhizoma," Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, vol.
Best of the bunch If you can, check out the valuable evergreen shrub fatsia japonic.
of Hawaii)reanalyzes the relationship between the Japonic (Japanese and Ryukyuan) portmanteau language family and the Korean language.
Ucerler, a specialist in the Jesuit Japonic studies; the adaptation efforts of the Jesuits in China are examined by the Jesuit Sinologist from the Catholic University of Leuven, Nicolas Standaert; and Jesuits in New France are explored by Jacques Monet, the Jesuit Director of the Canadian Institute of Jesuit Studies in Toronto.
TYPE: "Ex horto Buitenzorg (ex China & Japonic.) in H.
Influence of live and artificial diets on tissue composition and trypsin activity in Penaeus japonic us larvae.
Manchu, as well as other Tungusic languages bear a remarkable similarity to languages belonging to language families found in Central and East Asia (Turkic, Mongolic, Korean, and Japonic) that used to be called Altaic.
Suitable for smaller gardens are two attractive evergreens with bronze tints in autumn, Thuja occidentalis Rheingold and Cryptomeria japonic Elgans.