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 (jə-rĕl′), Randall 1914-1965.
American poet and critic. His poems, published in collections such as Little Friend, Little Friend (1945), concern war, loneliness, and art.


(ˈdʒær əl, dʒəˈrɛl)

Randall, 1914–65, U.S. poet and critic.
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Noun1.Jarrell - United States poet (1914-1965)
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He is also survived by a son, Jarrell Rodger Sutton, of Ephrata, Pennsylvania; daughter, Ann Edmister Hudson, of St.
According to the Navy, Petty Officer First Class Brian Jarrell, 25, and Petty Officer Second Class Ty Bell, 26, who were found in Bell's residence near the Kings Bay Submarine Base, just north of the Florida state line, possibly died of drug overdose.
Jarrell was a professor in the Faculty of Science at York University before his death in 2013.
30pm and is a monumental Comedie de Geneve production under the direction of Herve Loichemol, and encompasses the music of Michael Jarrell.
to learn who was who in what Randall Jarrell, himself an important critic, wryly called "The Age of Criticism.
Jarrell was seen at the gas station fueling his white Chevrolet Blazer just before he disappeared.
Under the auspices of the Randall Jarrell Fellowship, she studied creative writing with Fred Chappell at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, obtaining her M.
Then the pool was washed and cleaned and we handed over to Jarrell.
Since being launched, the application has seen significant growth in its user base and the Founder, Jarrell Liner, states “Our goal is simple.
The winners, who received cash prizes from Peake Management, included: Elka Sterling, Erik Van, Steven Van, Nick Slusher and Aman Mehmood from Baku, Azerbaijan; Hunter Walton, Sofia Monterroso, Leon Barnes and Jamal Anaele from Maputo, Mozambique; Walker Jarrell, William Jarrell, Madeline Jarrell and Wyatt Jarrell from Shenyang, China; Connor Pearson, Gwyneth Pearson and Owen Pearson from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Colston Moder from Frankfurt, Germany.
In 1958 Randall Jarrell, the American poet, edited and brought out a collection of stories, Randall Jarrell's Book of Stories, which contains a famous introduction.
Made in the context of an essay-lecture discussing the Americanness of American poetry, such an assertion could equally be applied to Randall Jarrell himself.