Jasminum mesnyi

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Noun1.Jasminum mesnyi - evergreen rambling yellow-flowered shrub of western China
jasmine - any of several shrubs and vines of the genus Jasminum chiefly native to Asia
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Winter jasmine, Jasminum mesnyi, has been delighting us for some weeks now with its arching sprays of bright yellow flowers.
Em muitas plantas ornamentais, o enraizamento e maximizado pela aplicacao de auxinas como em Malvaviscas arboreus (LOSS et al., 2009), Allamanda cathartica (LOSS et al., 2008), Jasminum mesnyi (ALTHAUS et al., 2007) e Chrysanthemum morifolium (CUQUEL et al., 1992).
Soon dainty, semi-double blooms of Jasminum mesnyi will be peeping out from among the green foliage and tiny, bell-like yellow flowers of Bulbinella hookerii , a New Zealand beauty now adapted to growing in Cypriot gardens, will be showing off in any shaded borders.