Jasminum nudiflorum

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Noun1.Jasminum nudiflorum - deciduous rambling shrub widely cultivated for its winter-blooming yellow flowersJasminum nudiflorum - deciduous rambling shrub widely cultivated for its winter-blooming yellow flowers
jasmine - any of several shrubs and vines of the genus Jasminum chiefly native to Asia
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Jasminum Nudiflorum (Winter Jasmine) IF it's climbing cover you're after then winter jasmine is a great choice.
JASMINUM NUDIFLORUM Winter Jasmine AH, IF only it smelled as sweet as other members of the jasmine family.
More straightforward plants are coming into their own early this year, forsythia and Jasminum nudiflorum, both with yellow flowers, are already showing colour.
While most varieties prefer sun, Jasminum nudiflorum thrives in shade, and can be trained to cover a shady wall or fence.
But a handful of brave souls flower in the depths of winter, like jasminum nudiflorum, with bright butter yellow flowers from late autumn to spring.
Jasminum nudiflorum - Winter Jasmine Chrysanthemum 'Duchess of Edinburgh Paeonia lactiflora 'Bowl of Beauty'
REDS, oranges and yellows are the colours of spring through to autumn - which is perhaps why the shock effect of Jasminum nudiflorum in winter and early spring is so powerful.
If you want bright and cheerful then jasminum nudiflorum is a great option with its sunny yellow blooms.
Fill a bare fence panel or trellis with the bright yellow starlike flowers of Jasminum nudiflorum.
There was also a smaller yellow jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum, that is reliably hardy, but it doesn't have the intense scent that in the evenings can blot out the reek of drains that are characteristic of Kathmandu.