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1. A very hard candy.
2. Slang A word that is difficult to pronounce.
3. A machine that crushes rock or ore.

jaw′break′ing adj.
jaw′break′ing·ly adv.


1. (Mechanical Engineering) Also called: jawcrusher a device having hinged jaws for crushing rocks and ores
2. informal a word that is hard to pronounce
ˈjawˌbreaking adj
ˈjawˌbreakingly adv


(ˈdʒɔˌbreɪ kər)

1. a word that is hard to pronounce.
2. a very hard, usu. round, candy.
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Noun1.jawbreaker - a large round hard candy
hard candy - candy that is brittle; "you can break a tooth on that hard candy"
2.jawbreaker - a word that is hard to pronounce
polysyllabic word, polysyllable - a word of more than three syllables


[ˈdʒɔːˌbreɪkəʳ] N (US) → trabalenguas m inv, palabra f kilométrica
References in classic literature ?
What's that jawbreaker definition about something or other, of Spencer's, that you sprang on us the other day - that indefinite, incoherent homogeneity thing?
The Coffee Lovers should come in with ample confidence since they are coming off a stunning 107-106 overtime victory over the Zark's Burgers Jawbreakers last Tuesday, earning another proof that they can contend with the perceived heavyweights.
Marcelino had a chance to redeem himself, but his desperation lay-up just rimmed out as the Jawbreakers suffered their third straight defeat and fell to an even 4-4 card.
ZARK'S Burger-Lyceum of the Philippines University picked up its game in the third quarter and the Jawbreakers dismantled the Mila's Lechon Mighty Roasters,102-55, on Thursday in the Philippine Basketball Association Developmental D-League Aspirants' Cup at the Pasig City Sport Center.
Mike Nzeusseu led the charge for the Jawbreakers with 15 points and 10 rebounds, while Jaycee Marcelino and Kim Cinco took advantage of the extended garbage time and unloaded 12 markers apiece in the comfortable win.
Binge watching episodes of Narcos in bed while eating multiple packets of sour Jawbreakers.
Other favorites were button candies you had to bite off of long strips of white paper, black licorice pipes, suckers, bubble gum and jawbreakers, just to name a few.
The plot saw him putting a dead mouse in a jar of jawbreakers in the shop at 11 High Street.
Once when I was primping in front of a mirror in a side room next to the class, she thought that some cosmetics was a tin of red and pink jawbreakers, and I had to stop her as I caught her getting ready to eat one.
Doubtful, we just wanted a small brown paper bag stuffed with jawbreakers, bubblegum and humbugs.
Sconza pre-packs 110 jawbreakers and a colorful Christmas header into an old-fashioned bushel basket.