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v. i.1.See Yawn.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Presently Tobin grabs my arm and says, excited: "Jawn," says he, "do ye know what we're doing?
Jawn, did ye ever see a straighter-nosed gang of hellions in the days of your life?"
"Ye're in the presence of Jawn Malone and Daniel Tobin."
The latter is further divided into two -- Um Al Liwahah (also known as the minaret), and Al Jawn, which includes three islands.
Gulf Gate's "That Jawn!" sandwich ($8.50) is a lovely homage to a classic Philadelphia cheesesteak, right down to the Cheez Whiz, while the Buffalo chicken grilled cheese ($8.25) features shredded chicken tossed with just enough Buffalo sauce to sting your lips and sourdough bread that's been toasted until it's golden.
Selga, Maiquel Jawn - wakeboard team mixed / wakeboard
(41.) Qazi ZH (2001) Induced breeding of the fish Cirrhinus reba, by pituitary gland extract and survival of Jawn in nursery ponds.
Local organizations such as NextFab, Public Workshop, The Hacktory and Maker Jawn are all vibrant programs where students-both young and old--can learn skills such as fabrication, design concepts, electronics, art, carpentry and technology.
* Free Library of Philadelphia's Maker Jawn initiative for low-cost making: http://makerjawn.org/blog/
"Yo!" makes way for "jawn," a Philly word that can be used to describe anything.
His self-awareness is not the self-obsession of a Kanye West and this sensitivity to other views allows him to rap movingly, and inventively, about subjects such as racism in Flag Shopping, fanaticism in AlQ8a, and even heartbreak and heroin in Jawn Cage.