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Noun1.Jay Cooke - United States financier who marketed Union bonds to finance the American Civil WarJay Cooke - United States financier who marketed Union bonds to finance the American Civil War; the failure of his bank resulted in a financial panic in 1873 (1821-1905)
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What with the Jay Cooke failure, the Hayes-Tilden deadlock, and the bursting of a hundred railroad bubbles, there was very little in the news of the day to encourage investors.
The day may come when another biographer's study of Grant will be transformed into a hit musical--featuring Andrew Johnson, Schuyler Colfax, Frederick Douglass, Ely Parker, Horace Greeley, and Jay Cooke as the president's singing-and-dancing supporting cast--to dominate public opinion of the first West Point graduate to win the White House.
From Henry Burden, who invented a horseshoe- making machine that could craft a horseshoe every second and supplied the Union army with 70 million horseshoes over the course of four years, to John Deere's plows that aided the Union's harvests, to Jay Cooke's skillful marketing of government bonds, these visionaries and businessmen helped shape history with their masterful mental mettle.
Jay Cooke State Park has no working toilets or sinks due to a water main break, and Blue Mounds State Park in Rock County has been without potable water for three years due to groundwater contamination.
Chase is generally credited with proposing the system to Congress in 1863 and being one of its most dedicated supporters, Chase would not have had nearly the success he did if it were not for his financial and familial connections with Philadelphia investment banker Jay Cooke of Cooke & Co.
Then came the collapse of Jay Cooke and Co., one of the leading investment banks.
Pillsbury, Adolph Coors, Henry Ford, Jay Cooke, Walter Scott Cheesman, A.P.
A fierce battle waged between Pro Floors Racing, long-time leaders Motley Crew and Racing for Cancer and the Kiwis were deprived of the win after being overtaken by Racing for Cancer's Jay Cooke and Randy Sweers on lap 12.
Under the aegis of Henry Cooke, the hard-earned savings of former slaves were wiped out after being entrusted to Jay Cooke & Co., the investment bank run by Henry's brother that imploded in 1873, triggering a national economic crisis.
Long before 2008 in the United States, there were the failures of the private investment bank Jay Cooke and Co.
Lehman Brothers and AIG may have been too big to fail in 2008, but so once were Jay Cooke & Co.