n.1.A footman; a flunky.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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That they enjoyed it she could not believe; it was merely a form of showing off, and as they passed her window she would remark to herself with blasting satire, 'Ay, Jeames, are you off for your walk?' and add fervently, 'Rather you than me!' I was one of those who walked, and though she smiled, and might drop a sarcastic word when she saw me putting on my boots, it was she who had heated them in preparation for my going.
Jeames will tell Chawles his notions about you over their pipes and pewter beer-pots.
RESULTS: 1 L Northall (Wrexham, JM) 32 mins 59secs, 2 ADeane (unattached,M45) 33.25, 3 GWilson (Telford,M45) 34.21,4 S Gilliland (BroDys,M40) 34.31,5G Macneil (West Chesh.,M40) 35.03, 6 P Frodsham (West Ches.,M45) 35.25.SM:1 S Crowe (EPort) 36.07, 2 D Jones (Wrex) 36.21, 3 MRoesch (Wirral) 37.35.M50:1 D Bewley (ua) 37.27, 2 BWilson (Ludlow) 37.28, 3 J Richards (Wrex) 38.19.M55:1 G Large (NVets)40.48, 2 JDooley (Spectrum)43.29, 3 JEames (Roseof England)46.33.M60: 1 D Walton (Alt)41.33, 2 MTaylor (BroDys) 42.20, 3 PCampton (ua)48.19.M75: E Naisby (Prest)50.54.
The youngest, Jeames Harborte (James Herbert?), was fifteen, that is, Mary's age, Roger Goth was sixteen, and the oldest, Jhon Tucke and Robarte Frenche, were twenty years old.
|Samuell Tunstall the sonne of Jeames Tunstall a player Dwelling in bell Alye beinge Beyond sparowes corner' was christened on 20 April 1587 and his mother was churched on 12 May (daybook).
Jeames de la Pluche, called James Yellowplush in his days as a footman, makes a fortune by investing in railway shares and, as a result, becomes the patron of the Earl of Bareacres and his family.