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Noun1.Jean-Paul Sartre - French writer and existentialist philosopher (1905-1980)
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One such maverick was Jean Paul Sartre, French philosopher, writer, and political activist.
One of her paintings, 'Allusions', brings to mind Jean Paul Sartre's famous phrase from one of his plays: 'Hell is other people.' The trick is in the medium that the artist uses to make her concerns visible charcoal, pen and pencil on paper.
Cette fameuse question de Jean Paul Sartre nous pousse a penser a une autre question, et cela est tout a fait normal .Cette deuxieme question est la suivante : Qu'est ce que c'est l'ecriture elle-meme ?
For 51 years, the conversations between Simone and Jean Paul Sartre created books like She Came to Stay(1943) where she fictionalised Sartre's liasons with his students; and The Mandarins (1954) which follows from the personal lives of their intimate circle.
of Bristol, England) offers a comparative exploration of the literature of iconic French writers Victor Hugo and Jean Paul Sartre. Setting the two writers in conversation with each other, he focuses on how each approached the self as part of the self/other dynamic and the implications of their understanding of the self for their understandings of liberty as indeterminate and thus requiring constant engagement within day-to-day existence.