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 (ho͞o′dŏn′, o͞o-dôN′), Jean Antoine 1741-1828.
French sculptor who executed statues of Washington and Voltaire and busts of Jefferson, Rousseau, and Lafayette.


(French udɔ̃)
(Biography) Jean Antoine (ʒɑ̃ ɑ̃twan). 1741–1828, French neoclassical portrait sculptor



Jean An•toine (ʒɑ̃ ɑ̃ˈtwan) 1741–1828, French sculptor.
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Other highlights include the compelling terracotta bust of the composer Gluck by Jean-Antoine Houdon, arguably the greatest portraitist of the 18th century (Stair Sainty; 2.
Considered one of the best collections of European art in the United States, the collection included Gainsborough''s Blue Boy, Lawrence''s Pinkie and the Diana the Huntress bronze by Jean-Antoine Houdon.
5) Inspirada en el retrato que realizo el escultor neoclasico, Jean-Antoine Houdon, en 1778 (unos mesesantes antes de la muerte de Voltaire).
The theme of these works is sacred/secular, so to drive home the ecclesiastical subtext of the display format, Vallance also includes several explicitly religious "icons"--souvenir-stand trinkets blessed by the pope, Lutheran regalia, a life mask of George "Washington by Jean-Antoine Houdon that resembles, we are told, one of the "bloodstains" on the Shroud of Turin.
One of Howard's most delightful scenes, in which Washington lies on a large table at Mount Vernon breathing through quills in his nostrils while the sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon trowels his face with warm plaster, is described by the subject himself.
Andrew Wyeth in Context, through July 16, and In Pursuit of Genius: Jean-Antoine Houdon and the Sculpted Portraits of Benjamin Franklin, through July 30, both at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Jefferson's profile is based on a marble bust that French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon finished in 1789.