Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

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Noun1.Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - French classical painter (1780-1867)Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - French classical painter (1780-1867)
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I also looked at the portraits of the Neo-classical French painter, Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres. His portraits were commissioned, so the biographies of the sitters are documented, as opposed to some of the subjects in my project, Mugshot Portraits, where there may be little biographical information besides their names.
Elle qui, hier encore, etait en [beaucoup moins que]contemplation[beaucoup plus grand que] devant les oeuvres des Orientalistes du 18eme et 19 eme siecles, aussi celebres que Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres, Eugene Delacroix ou Jean-Leon Gerome, avant de s'en [beaucoup moins que]distancer[beaucoup plus grand que], revendique le droit de la femme a l'[beaucoup moins que]espace prive[beaucoup plus grand que].

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