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 (lo͞o-lē′, lŭ-), Jean Baptiste 1632-1687.
Italian-born French composer. He was court composer to Louis XIV, founding the national French opera and producing court ballets for Molière's plays.


1. (Biography) Jean Baptiste (ʒɑ̃ batist), Italian name Giovanni Battista Lulli. 1632–87, French composer, born in Italy; founder of French opera. With Philippe Quinault as librettist, he wrote operas such as Alceste (1674) and Armide (1686); as superintendent of music at the court of Louis XIV, he wrote incidental music to comedies by Molière
2. (Biography) Also: Lull Raymond or Ramón (raˈmɔn). ?1235–1315, Spanish philosopher, mystic, and missionary. His chief works are Ars generalis sive magna and the Utopian novel Blaquerna


(ˈlu li, luˈli)

Jean Baptiste (ʒɑ̃) 1632–87, French composer, born in Italy.
Italian, Lul•li (ˈlul li)
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Noun1.Lully - Spanish philosopher (1235-1315)
2.Lully - French composer (born in Italy) who was the court composer to Louis XIV and founded the national French opera (1632-1687)
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His greatest accomplishments were participating in a cultural network that included artists and scholars from across Europe, undertaking projects such as a two-volume history of music and the critical edition of the complete works of Jean-Baptiste Lully, and creating and overseeing La revue musicale for twenty years.
Parmi les noms franqais qui figurent dans la liste des membres honoraires de la Societe internationale de musicologie, je voudrais simplement citer le nom du premier, Henry Prunieres, bien present dans mon Pantheon personnel en raison de ses travaux et de ce qu'il a fait pour l'reuvre de Jean-Baptiste Lully et les deux derniers, Michel Huglo et Shimra Arom, parce qu'independamment de l'admiration que j'ai pour leur reuvre, il y a eu des liens d'amitie tisses et renforces au cours de congres comme celui-ci.
1687: Jean-Baptiste Lully, composer who made |French opera popular, died from an abscess on his foot caused by striking it with the stick he used to conduct his Te Deum.
There will be music by Jean-Baptiste Lully and Gustav Holst, plus a David Rogers arrangement of the Molire ballet, "Les Facheux," and the video game theme to "The Legend of Zelda.
Contractor address : Mas des Pins, rue Jean-Baptiste Lully
For example: Did you know that Jean-Baptiste Lully actually died from conducting one of his own compositions?
1687: Jean-Baptiste Lully, composer who made French opera popular, died from an abscess on his foot caused by striking it with the stick he used to conduct his Te Deum.
Dancing feet, elegantly slippered and superbly arched, propelled both King Louis IV and his court composer Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) to heights of power and glory.
It is associated with composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Jean-Baptiste Lully, George Frideric Handel, Arcangelo Corelliy, Claudio Monteverdi, Jean-Philippe Rameau and Henry Purcell.
Such performances served as entertainment, but also as a means of control, most notably with the operas of the Italian-born composer Jean-Baptiste Lully performed at Louis XIV's court, preceded by sung prologues celebrating the virtues and military victories of the king.
Obra en cuya ejecucion ocurrio el percance mortal del citado Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687).

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