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 (mōl-yâr′) Pen name of Jean Baptiste Poquelin. 1622-1673.
French playwright whose sophisticated comedies include Tartuffe (1664), The Misanthrope (1666), and The Bourgeois Gentleman (1670).


(French mɔljɛr)
(Biography) real name Jean-Baptiste Poquelin. 1622–73, French dramatist, regarded as the greatest French writer of comedy. His works include Tartuffe (1664), Le Misanthrope (1666), L'Avare (1668), Le Bourgeois gentilhomme (1670), and Le Malade imaginaire (1673)



n. (Jean Baptiste Poquelin)
1622–73, French playwright.
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Noun1.Moliere - French author of sophisticated comedies (1622-1673)Moliere - French author of sophisticated comedies (1622-1673)
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All men are aware of the tragedy, and, over the centuries, projections of it in the Euramerican theatre, from Aeschylus to Shakespeare, Jean-Baptiste Moliere to Bertolt Brecht, and Tennessee Williams to Harold Pinter, have been starkly insightful of the human condition.
Early in 1664 Louis XIV asked Jean-Baptiste Moliere and Jean-Baptiste Lully to create a court entertainment in which he and some of his courtiers could participate.(1) The resulting comedy with intermades, entitled Le mariage force (|The forced marriage'), became the second work that Molibre called |a new genre for our stages'.(2) Once again Molibre attempted to solve the technical and aesthetic problem of weaving music, dance and comedy into a unified fabric, and thereby |to make but a single thing of the ballet and the comedy'.(3) To this end the playwright combined different musical-theatrical styles and genres and, through the interworking of poetry, music and dance, introduced into comedie-ballet the play of multiple simultaneous meanings.

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