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Noun1.Jean-Jacques Rousseau - French philosopher and writer born in SwitzerlandJean-Jacques Rousseau - French philosopher and writer born in Switzerland; believed that the natural goodness of man was warped by society; ideas influenced the French Revolution (1712-1778)
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"MAN is born free but he is everywhere in chains," wrote Jean-Jacques Rousseau back in 1762.
Among the authors are Plato, Augustine, Philip Sidney, John Dryden, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Elizabeth Montagu, Charles Lamb, G.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau argued that man by nature is good.
Rousseau and Dignity: Art Serving Humanity commemorates the 2012 University of Notre Dame lecture series dedicated to philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his idea of a social contract.
Synopsis: Critics have claimed that Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a primitivist uncritically preoccupied with "noble savages" and that he remained oblivious to the African slave trade.
Also available as a digital download ($23.00), The Social Contract is the unabridged audiobook reading of the classic treatise about the concept of human freedom in the context of political structures, originally penned by Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778).
As Jean-Jacques Rousseau observed - 'man is born free and everywhere is in chains'.
She sketches out the adventures in self-love in the works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Julia Kristeva, and Derrida as the three great thinkers of narcissism.
Michel Gurfinkiel vas editor-in-chief of Valeurs Actuelles, the Actuelles, and president of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute, a conservative think tank, and is a Shillman/Ginsburg Fellow at Middle East Forum.