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Noun1.Jeannette Rankin - leader in the women's suffrage movement in MontanaJeannette Rankin - leader in the women's suffrage movement in Montana; the first woman to serve in the United States House of Representatives (1880-1973)
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But it's noteworthy that Montana produced strong antiwar leaders such as Wheeler and Jeanette Rankin (the only member of Congress to vote against entering both world wars) while also being a hotbed of patriotic war fervor.
Jeanette Rankin arrived in Washington in 1917 after winning election in Montana to the US House of Representatives--the first woman ever elected to either chamber on Capitol Hill.
We began with a play about Jeanette Rankin written by WILPF member Jeanmarie Simpson, followed with a dance performance with a narrator telling the story of Isadora Duncan.
Jeanette Rankin, a longtime pacifist raised in Montana.