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Of, relating to, or characteristic of Thomas Jefferson or his political attitudes and theories.
A follower of Thomas Jefferson or a proponent of his politics.

Jef′fer·so′ni·an·ism n.
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(ˌdʒɛf ərˈsoʊ ni ən)

1. of or pertaining to Thomas Jefferson or his political principles.
2. a supporter of Thomas Jefferson or his principles.
Jef`fer•so′ni•an•ism, n.
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Noun1.Jeffersonian - a follower of Thomas Jefferson or his ideas and principles
follower - a person who accepts the leadership of another
Adj.1.Jeffersonian - relating to or characteristic of Thomas Jefferson or his principles or theories; "Jeffersonian democracy"
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The preparation of a Jeffersonian research strategy for the transition to sustainability would provide the next president with an initiative that would compare favorably in scope, importance, and daring with the launching of the Lewis and Clark expedition by President Jefferson.
It is also one of the best possible arguments for maintaining a high Jeffersonian wall of separation between church and state.
The New Left and the counterculture of the 1960s had rejected the Marxism of the Old Left in favor of a mushy amalgam of anarchism, Maoism, Jeffersonian democracy, and hallucinogenic utopianism.
As soon as it was well established he left to take a position as coeditor of the Jeffersonian in Findlay, Ohio.
Additionally, the Jeffersonian and the FBI will go undercover in a lumberjack competition for a case.
In describing my writing as exhibiting only a "Jeffersonian veneer" ("Behind the Jeffersonian Veneer,"June), Cathy Young reveals herself to be either ignorant of Jefferson's thought--a possibility I cannot reject out of hand--or a liar.
Crucible of American Democracy: The Struggle to Fuse Egalitarianism & Capitalism in Jeffersonian Pennsylvania.
This canard seems to acquire more stature with each passing year, along with its corollary that if only we had befriended Ho, he would have warmed to our side and blossomed into a Jeffersonian democrat.
Realizing that a massive attack on the minds and beliefs of our children has been launched by the religious right on the heretofore neutral turf of our public schools, the American Humanist Association has embarked on a new program with the objective of actively promoting in our schools such Jeffersonian principles as the separation of church and state; the rule of reason over the affairs of humankind; the use of the scientific method, not superstition, to advance the human condition; and self-government by an informed citizenry.
The Fox series will ( air its final season next year , but the good news is that several fan favorite characters are returning to wrap up the storylines of the Jeffersonian team members and FBI agents Seely Booth and James Aubrey.
Its rhetoric is strongly anti-statist, pro-market, and opposed to centralization; in interviews, Woods has called himself a "Jeffersonian" championing liberty.
Ferling does point out that the so-called Jeffersonian "revolution of 1800" came about in part from expanded Southern voting power in the electoral college, thanks to the three-fifths clause in the Constitution.