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Noun1.Geoffrey Chaucer - English poet remembered as author of the Canterbury Tales (1340-1400)Geoffrey Chaucer - English poet remembered as author of the Canterbury Tales (1340-1400)
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In addition to Alderson's description of the 1689 copy with the abbreviated booksellers' names, a third copy bearing the 1689 date but without bookseller information is recorded in the Catalogus van de boeken der Nationale Bibliotheek (The Hague, Holland: Lands Drukkerye, 1700), 295, as entry 3312 under "English Dichters": "The Works of our ancient, learned and excellent English Poet, Jeffrey Chaucer: &c.
As indicated above, the first volume of Warton's History of English Poetry appeared in 1774 (and a second edition in 1775), the second in 1778, and the third in 1781.(7) Warton's acquaintance with Johnson's "History of the English Language" is made explicit in Volume 1 of his work.(3) There, beginning his treatment of Chaucer, Warton declares: "The most illustrious ornament of the reign of Edward the third, and of his successor Richard the second, was Jeffrey Chaucer; a poet with whom the history of our poetry is by many supposed to have commenced; and who has been pronounced, by a critic of unquestionable taste and discernment, to be the first English versifier who wrote poetically" (p.
The Works of Our Ancient, Learned, Excellent English Poet, Jeffrey Chaucer: As they have lately been compar'd with the best manuscripts, and several things added, never before in print.