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n.1.(Mach.) See Jig, 6.
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I hope that you find this issue of JEG as interesting as I have.
This study was supported by funding from the Schlinger Foundation and UC Berkeley to Rosemary Gillespie and from a Gump Station Research Fellowship to JEG.
JEG said that M&A activity in the b2b media and information industry "is poised to return to prior year levels" and is contingent on such companies as Penton, Advanstar and Primedia completing corporate debt offerings.
EBS cited their knowledge of and relationship with Jarvis Entertainment Group as leading EBS to believe JEG would be interested in considering an acquisition of all or some of these assets.
In this issue of JEG, we have six very interesting articles.
Undeterred, Rodney Rigby, who joined JEG as director of theatricals in July, is developing the company's biggest slate ever.
These new techniques allow JEG to service a larger market share and make our free programs even more desirable to the web hosting industry.
The final article in this issue of JEG, "Addressing the Career Development Needs of High-Achieving African American High School Students: Implications for Counselors," was contributed by the team of Parris, Owens, Johnson, Grbevski, and Holbert-Quince.
The eighth session of India-China JEG is to be held in Beijing.
More information regarding the upcoming press conference, shareholders meeting and financials will be made available soon through the JEG Web site (http://www.
The reviewers of JEG have been wonderful to work with, dedicating numerous hours carefully vetting the manuscripts submitted, in most cases multiple times.
This project will merge the talent and vision JEG possesses, and further our goal of being a top entertainment company.