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n.1.(Mach.) See Jig, 6.
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However, this is clearly not the case with regard to "Jeg elsker dig!", best known to North American audiences in its German translation "Ich liebe dich!" Rather, a lack of Danish diction resources to the present day has necessitated its performance in translation; this same lack of resources has relegated Danish art song as a whole to the distant periphery of the standard repertoire.
Dernaest har jeg begyndt paa nogle: "Eventyr fortalte for Born", og jeg troer de lykkes for mig.
Hyatt provides the third article for this issue of JEG. It is entitled "A Case Study of the Suicide of a Gifted Female Adolescent: Implications for Prediction and Prevention." This study is groundbreaking as it is the very first psychological autopsy of the suicide of a gifted female.
JEG plans to stage the tuner in a circus tent in 2003, playing 35-40 dates in regional Australia, in collaboration with Really Useful, which pioneered the concept of musicals under the big top with "Cats."
The Emperor, in the desire of possessing the marvellous bird, threatens his courtiers with corporal punishment as follows: "Jeg vil hore Nattergalen?
The final article in this issue of JEG, "Addressing the Career Development Needs of High-Achieving African American High School Students: Implications for Counselors," was contributed by the team of Parris, Owens, Johnson, Grbevski, and Holbert-Quince.
In Dutch, it's "Ik houd van jou", in German "Ich liebe Dich" and in Danish (which is not so much a language as a throat disease) it's "Jeg elsker dig".
The reviewers of JEG have been wonderful to work with, dedicating numerous hours carefully vetting the manuscripts submitted, in most cases multiple times.
(Also in AFI Film Festival.) Original title: Da jeg traff Jesus ...