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1. (Placename) a former province of NE China, north of the Great Wall: divided among Hebei, Liaoning, and Inner Mongolia in 1956. Area: 192 380 sq km (74 278 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a region of NE China, in Hebei and Liaoning provinces: mountainous
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1. a region and former province in NE China: incorporated into Manchukuo by the Japanese 1932–45. 74,297 sq. mi. (192,429 sq. km).
2. former name of Chengde.
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Sherida al Kaabi's Shabih Alreeh (Jaafer Asf) led the field, followed by Jaldi Karo (Jehol de Cardonne) while Al Shaqab Racing's Melabi (Dahess) and Gazwan travelled at the rear.
The new lizard had teeth unlike any other previously known from the Jehol Biota, thus expanding the diversity of this clade and possibly suggesting a unique diet for this new species.
Its fossils were unearthed from the 130-million-year-old Jehol biota in northeastern China. 
This coffee table science book for general readers and students offers color photos on every page, offering a visual tour of the avian fossils from the Jehol region of China.
As the traveller gazes to-day on the melancholy ruins of Yuan Ming-yuan, or the hunting parks at Jehol and Peking, he cannot but wonder that a race which could produce so wise and so virile a ruler, and send its armies halfway across Asia, should to-day be represented only by the besotted and effeminate creatures who walk so delicately and so uselessly as Manchu Princes.
The Jehol fossil beds of northeastern China have yielded such treasures as the oldest beaked bird skeleton and impressions of soft tissues from prehistoric mammals and reptiles.
Most of these specimens are from the Cretaceous Period, including the famous Jehol Biota.
In 1929 the Society was put in charge of the apostolic prefecture of Szepingkai, erected on portions of the vicariates of Jehol and Mukden, Manchuria.
28, 2010, in eastern Afghanistan while providing air support to a contingent of the "Jehol" unit of French special forces operating just outside the capital city of Kabul.
It shows three small sailing boats navigating the Lan River on their way to Jehol Province in the country's northeast, close to what is now Beijing It isn't clear whether the photographer was aware of the geopolitical significance of Jehol at the time.
Over the years, Duffield has trained some of the best Arabians in the world including Bengali D'Albret, Mega, Kairoun De Jos, Falina Des Fabries, Jehol De Cardonne, Nivour De Cardonne, Madjani, Kaolino, Bengalant, Eau Royale and No Risk Al Maury.