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1. (Bible) another name for the Yahwist
2. (Theology) a person who maintains that the name YHVH in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament was originally pronounced Jehovah
(Theology) of or relating to the Yahwist source of the Pentateuch
Jeˈhovism n
Jehovistic adj


(ˈyɑ wɪst)

also Yah•vist


a writer of the earliest major source of the Hexateuch, in which God is characteristically referred to as Yahweh rather than Elohim.
Compare Elohist.
Yah•wis′tic, adj.


1. Obsolete, a person who believes that the vowel-marks on the word Jehovah in Hebrew represent the actual vowels of the word.
2. the name given to the author(s) of the parts of the Hexateuch in which the sacred name is written Jehovah, instead of Elohim.Jehovistic, adj.
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Pray to God to save you from the various Jehovists, Adventists, Baptists, Evangelicals, Methodists, and other similar sects.