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(French ʒəmap)
(Placename) a town in SW Belgium, in Hainaut province west of Mons: scene of a battle (1792) during the French Revolutionary Wars, in which the French defeated the Austrians



a town in SW Belgium. 12,455.
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Avenue du Plan Inclin, 9 to 7012 Jemappes (consultations),
Contemporary summaries such as Mullie's formulaic praise of counter-admiral Prince de Joinville intimated that the walls targeted by the Suffren, the Jemappes and the Argus crumbled within seven hours.
On September 20th, the French were victorious at Valmv, confirming the Republic, followed by the decisive victory over the combined forces of Prussia and Austria at Jemappes on October 6th.
Although historians have generally represented the military history of the revolution as a series of campaigns resolved by great battles - Valmy, Jemappes, Neerwinden, Wattignies, Fleurus - it is striking that revolutionary politicians, journalists, poets, playwrights and artists devoted so much of their attention to these two sieges.
Principal battles: Valmy, Jemappes (1792); Neerwinden (near Liege) (1793).
Contract Notice: Rehabilitation of the sails of the jemappes exchanger bridge 7/68 (bdoa - 1383)
The Suffren, Jemappes, and Argus are usually given as the lead vessels, subsequently supported by the Triton, Belle Poule, and Rubis.