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v. t. & i.1.See Renne.
n.1.A run.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Jen said: "I felt there was a niche in the community, so I wanted to offer that service to the community as there are a lot of women who still want private scans before they go to the hospital."
Jen said: "It felt like cement in my lip, it was so heavy.
He said last night: "Harry was obsessed with Jen for years.
While she leaves her old life and family behind, Jen also needs to step up her confidence and believe in herself if she wants to achieve her dreams.
A mutual friend of the former Hollywood power couple shared that it was Brad who stalled on having children and not Jen as it was always suggested.
After discovering his dog had been shot, Jen rushed it to the nearest veterinarian.
Several Hotel Jen Manila employees volunteered, headed by hotel manager Frencie Duadua, together with barangay captain Daniel Asuncion.
Jen (Melissa Reeves) wanted to find out just who was responsible for the drugs that were planted in JJ"s (Casey Moss) apartment to frame Theresa (Jen Lilley) because of how they affected him.
"I turned round and I could see Carolyn Harris with her hands clawed on Jen's head.
The passion and commitment Jen has demonstrated is simply phenomenal.
By the time Jen's cancer was discovered in October, it was incurable.
The air of debauchery is soured by the unexpected arrival of Richard's lascivious hunting buddies, Stan (Vincent Colombe) and Dimitri Guillaume Bouchede), who stare hungrily at Jen in her figure-hugging shorts, crop top and bubblegum pink plastic earrings.