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Noun1.Holland gin - gin made in the Netherlands
gin - strong liquor flavored with juniper berries
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Originally, of course, gin was more of a medicament than a pleasant intoxicant; the earliest references to 'jenever' appearing in the 13th century.
Even the name Gin itself is derived from either the French genievre or the Dutch jenever, which both mean juniper.
I'd give Batman a Kopstootje - a traditional Dutch drink that involves a small glass of Pilsner and Old Jenever - so he can forget about crime for a second.
Our love of gin began when soldiers fighting in 16th century Netherlands drank juniper-flavoured spirit jenever, giving rise to the term Dutch courage.
Every gin, jenever (Dutch gin) and gin liqueur that can be tried on the bars are sold at the on-site off-licence and online at www.ginfestival.com/shop Gin Festival Liverpool runs for the following sessions, for PS7.50 (+ booking fee) per ticket: Friday, December 16 - evening session - 6.30pm - 11pm; Saturday, December 17 - afternoon session - 12.30pm - 5pm; Saturday, December 17 -evening session - 6.30pm - 11pm; Sunday, December 18 - afternoon session - 2.00pm - 6.30pm.
The story began in the 16th century when British soldiers fighting in the Netherlands drank the juniper-flavoured spirit jenever. Taken before a fight, it gave rise to the phrase Dutch courage.Gin came here from across the North Sea but everything changed in the 18th century - with the gin craze.
stillery Director mes Grey said: 's a completely ew style of gin, it's ot a London Dry, a western, or old Tom r Jenever.
Look out for: The tea cup chairs; a drink called Amsterdammertje - made of bols jonge jenever, bols peach, cranberry juice and lemon juice.
Dan Ceballos wrote that juniper in Dutch is not genver but "jenever" (j pronounce as "y").
Sip a glass of jenever (juniperflavoured Dutch gin), listen to the mellow whir of passing bicycles and let time stand still.
Ketel 1 still produces a Jenever, but at an alcohol level of 37.5%, it is not permitted in the U.S.