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Noun1.Jeremy Bentham - English philosopher and juristJeremy Bentham - English philosopher and jurist; founder of utilitarianism (1748-1831)
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Though Jeremy Bentham's skeleton, which hangs for candelabra in the library of one of his executors, correctly conveys the idea of a burly-browed utilitarian old gentleman, with all Jeremy's other leading personal characteristics; yet nothing of this kind could be inferred from any leviathan's articulated bones.
This concept links somewhat with Jeremy Bentham's famous panopticon concept from the 18th century.
A Jeremy Bentham B Jeremy Stewart C Jeremy Orange D Jeremy London 2.
Perhaps the Lahore Zoo managers never read the famous quote by the well-known English philosopher Jeremy Bentham, as stated in An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation (1789): 'The question is not, Can they reason?, nor Can they talk?
Perhaps the Lahore Zoo managers never read the famous quote by Jeremy Bentham, a well-known English philosopher 'The question is not, Can they reason?
However, utilitarian ethics, propounded by Jeremy Bentham, proclaims that the rightness or wrongness of an action depends upon its consequences.
Jeremy Bentham, Netherlands-based Shell vice president for global business environment, said that as soon as two years from now, it was probable that more than half of passenger cars sold globally would be electric vehicles.
Ahn begins with a discussion of how debt was amoralized, primarily blaming Jeremy Bentham and the utilitarians for the current state of affairs but also attempting to show how capitalism (what he calls neoliberalism) ''decontextualized.
WHEN was English philosopher Jeremy Bentham made an honorary citizen of the French Republic?