Jerusalem sage

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Noun1.Jerusalem sage - a spreading subshrub of Mediterranean regions cultivated for dense axillary whorls of purple or yellow flowers
genus Phlomis - large genus of Old World aromatic herbs or subshrubs or shrubs having often woolly leaves
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
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Deadhead spent blooms of alstroemeria, cosmos, Jerusalem sage, and yarrow.
PHLOMIS, or Jerusalem sage, has wrinkly, felted green leaves - and produces 2ft stalks with whorls of buttery yellow flowers on top.
It looks fine underplanted to either yellow-flowered Jerusalem sage (Phlomis fruticosa) or orange-flowered lion's tail (Leonotis leonurus), or both.
p Purple-flowered rock rose (Cistus x purpureus) p Pink dandelion (Crepis incana) p Martin's spurge (Euphorbia x martinii) p French lavender (Lavandula stoechas) p Bowden Cornish lily (Nerine bowdenii) p Jerusalem sage (Phlomis fruticosa) p Trumpet creeper ' Madame Galen' (Campsis tagliabuana ' Madame Galen') p Swamp lily (Crinum x powelliip Rosemary ' Sissinghurst Blue' (Rosmarinus officinalis ' Sissinghurst Blue') p Algerian iris (Iris unguicularis) All the suggested cultivars have been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM).
AThe photograph you sent me is of Phlomis russeliana, a native of Syria, and a close relative of Jerusalem sage (Phlomis fruticosa).
Zebra grass, willow, Irish moss, sedum, and Jerusalem sage bring movement and a variety of textures.
Perennials such as Jerusalem sage and acanthus, and grasses and ornamental onions usually provide the finest silhouettes.

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