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Noun1.Jesse Jackson - United States civil rights leader who led a national campaign against racial discrimination and ran for presidential nomination (born in 1941)
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EXCLUSIVE BY EMILY RETTER ON the eve of World Parkinson's Day, American civil rights campaigner Reverend Jesse Jackson shares his battle with the condition.
WASHINGTON -- United States Shadow Secretary Jesse Jackson has asked for former military ruler Pervez Musharrafs name to be removed from the Exit Control List (ECL).
HE the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage Dr Hamad bin Abdul Aziz al-Kuwari yesterday met with former US presidential nominee and civil rights activist Jesse Jackson.
WE don't need race-campaigner Jesse Jackson, left, to berate our city on its paucity of black police and fire crews, and our lack of a black Cabinet member on the city council.
Le reverend americain Jesse Jackson, une figure de proue du combat pour les droits civiques des afro-americains, a salue, lundi a Rabat, l'esprit de sagesse et d'ouverture dont a fait montre SM le Roi Mohammed VI, qui a choisi la voie du renforcement de la democratie dans le contexte du "printemps arabe".
21 ( ANI ): Former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, the son of a civil rights leader, is facing up to five years in prison for misusing about 750,000 dollars in campaign money.
Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., pleaded guilty to misusing $750,000 worth of campaign funds for personal expenses, and will face prison time when he is sentenced this summer.
DOZENS of police officers were scouring mountains for killer ex-cop Chris Dorner last night - as US campaigner Jesse Jackson urged him to give himself up.
MY dear friend Ange McCartney, Paul McCartney's stepmother, met the Reverend Jesse Jackson at the launch of Brit Week at the British Consulate in Los Angeles.
Summary: Civil Rights activist Jesse Jackson has urged people not to turn the killers of Stephen Lawrence into "trophies" that distract from the deeper issue of racism in the UK.
Around 4,000 people gathered for the two-hour service at the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, where the Rev Jesse Jackson led the tributes.
"I'm looking forward to meeting Jesse Jackson, taking part in Christian Aid's event, and hopefully get the chance to talk to my MP about global issues."