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Noun1.Jessica Mitford - United States writer (born in England) who wrote on American culture (1917-1996)
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Similarly, what about Jessica Mitford (1917-1996), the communist one of the famous Mitford sisters?
Waugh's writings on this cemetery and its burial customs have continued to attract attention to Forest Lawn and have inspired much commentary over the years, most notably in Jessica Mitford's 1963 study, The American Way of Death (more below).
Hons And Rebels writer Jessica Mitford once derided it as "the specific, upper-class version of a puberty rite".
Davis, just 26 years old, emerged as a leader of the Soledad Brothers Defense Committee, which galvanized the American left, including such disparate figures as James Baldwin, Jane Fonda, Jessica Mitford, and Jean Genet.
Jessica Mitford spent most of her adult life in the United States and was a member of the American Communist Party until 1958.
But you are also critical of Jessica Mitford's landmark expose of funeral home practices, The American Way of Death (1963).
The content includes hints of Weekend at Bernie's (1989) as well as Jessica Mitford's 1963 bestselling expose, The American Way of Death, which inspired the 1965 Tony Richardson satire The Loved One based on a 1948 short story by Evelyn Waugh.
Dinky, also known as Dinky Romilly, was the daughter of the writer Jessica Mitford. Jim was a leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and later was involved with the Black Workers Congress.
Then, in 1963, Jessica Mitford published The American Way of Death and Ruth Mulvey Harmer published The High Cost of Dying.
All this insight into the mortician's craft takes place with the same deadpan delivery as, say, Errol Morris's 1978 Gates of Heaven documentary, aided and abetted by Jessica Mitford's 1963 expose of funerary mercantilism, The American Way of Death.
POISON PENMANSHIP The Gentle Art of Muckraking | JESSICA MITFORD (1979)
She's adamant she doesn't mind being tagged as a children's author but many observers believe that now free of Harry, Rowling may wish to demonstrate she can be a critical as well as financial success, with an adult novel, or a biography of her heroine Jessica Mitford.