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Noun1.Jessica Mitford - United States writer (born in England) who wrote on American culture (1917-1996)
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Jessica Mitford spent most of her adult life in the United States and was a member of the American Communist Party until 1958.
Meanwhile, Jessica Mitford, more muckraking social reformer than humorist, is afforded a full article.
Dinky, also known as Dinky Romilly, was the daughter of the writer Jessica Mitford.
Then, in 1963, Jessica Mitford published The American Way of Death and Ruth Mulvey Harmer published The High Cost of Dying.
POISON PENMANSHIP The Gentle Art of Muckraking | JESSICA MITFORD (1979)
She's adamant she doesn't mind being tagged as a children's author but many observers believe that now free of Harry, Rowling may wish to demonstrate she can be a critical as well as financial success, with an adult novel, or a biography of her heroine Jessica Mitford.
As a member of an eccentric British aristocratic family and of the Communist Party of the United States, Jessica Mitford was an unlikely, even outlandish, presence in both institutions.
Here, too, are the mavericks--the great German undercover reporter Gunter Wallraff; Jessica Mitford on 'The American Way of Death'.
But as we mellowed with a drink or two, we'd probably reminisce about our dear old friend Jessica Mitford and what she'd make of things today; and of you.
Jessica Mitford never forgave her Nazisympathising sisters and was a fearless civil rights activist in America in the 1960s.
Jessica Mitford (Kind and Usual Punishment, 1973), in the first study of experimental medical research in the United States, drew the analogy between medical prison research and the experiments of the Nazis in World War II.