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Adj.1.Jesuitic - having qualities characteristic of Jesuits or Jesuitism; "Jesuitical education"
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On the other hand, another type of mind, shrewder and keener and more tortuous too, sees in the very strength of the anti-Negro movement its patent weaknesses, and with Jesuitic casuistry is deterred by no ethical considerations in the endeavor to turn this weakness to the black man's strength.
Historically, the causes of decline are named as three, and of three orders: moral--the Counter-Reformation's transformation of Catholicism into a Roman and Jesuitic institution, stifling individual conscience and national Churches; political--the Absolutist turn of monarchy ruthlessly suppressive of local autonomies, representative institutions and potential rival powers; and economic--the Conquests and its attendant aristocratic ethos, with its neglect of productivity and disdain for the work ethic.
He meant a united front perhaps even more unconditional than the present united front in France, where common enemies are being fought with common issues and common slogans, rather than the unsuccessful Jesuitic maneuvering carried on for the last twelve years to discredit the leadership of the socialist parties.