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 (jĕzh′o͞o-ĭt, jĕz′o͞o-, -yo͞o-)
1. Roman Catholic Church A member of the Society of Jesus.
2. often jesuit One given to subtle casuistry.

[French Jésuite, from Jésus, Jesus, from Late Latin Iēsus; see Jesus1.]

Jes′u·it′i·cal adj.
Jes′u·it′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.Jesuitical - having qualities characteristic of Jesuits or Jesuitism; "Jesuitical education"


[ˌdʒezjʊˈɪtɪkəl] ADJjesuítico
References in classic literature ?
It was a jesuitical, cold, unfeeling, and selfish manner, that seemed to say, “I have kept within the law,” to the man he had so cruelly injured.
Montcalm has got him, and with the accursed politeness of his nation, he has sent him in with a doleful tale, of 'knowing how I valued the fellow, he could not think of retaining him' A Jesuitical way that, Major Duncan Heyward, of telling a man of his misfortunes
Well, let me tell you that if I hate anyone here--I hate you all," he cried, in a hoarse, strained voice-" but you, you, with your jesuitical soul, your soul of sickly sweetness, idiot, beneficent millionaire--I hate you worse than anything or anyone on earth
More than that, we become casuists, we learn to be Jesuitical and for a time maybe we can soothe ourselves, we can persuade ourselves that it is one's duty for a good object.
The liberal scandal- mongers delighted in representing the Grand Almoner and the whole Jesuitical Chapter as political, administrative, civil, and military giants.
It seemed cruel to expect Democratic women to make Jesuitical arguments that the shadows under Franken's hands meant he wasn't really touching Tweeden's chest.
The substantive arguments for decertifying but not withdrawing are truly Jesuitical, teasing out imagined benefits from adhering to a deal Iran already treats with contempt.
Likewise, six years later, Christopher Bagshaw's A True Relation of the Faction denounced Jesuitical influences which he argued made 'an infinite slaughter and massacre of souls' in 'wretched England'.
That is a Jesuitical secret for you to guess and "ours" to know.
Brown, who in any case never lost his high Jesuitical regard for austerity and the morally salutary effects of hair shirts, doesn't like involving himself in long shots.
He added: "It's a Jesuitical distinction of some kind.
Augustine confessed to far worse than the Jesuitical Oliveira; that the director was obsessed with purity and virginity, which he discusses with professorial alacrity in Visit, is hardly a revelation, amply apparent as it already was in his cinema.