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A trademark for a telescoping corridor that extends from an airport terminal to an aircraft that is used for the boarding and disembarkation of passengers.


(Aeronautics) a moving bridge that connects an airport gate to an aircraft


Trademark. a movable passageway in an airport connecting the terminal building to an airplane.
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It provides an extra 140,000sq ft (13, 000[m.sup.2]) of additional space, five gates equipped with jet bridges, two new restaurants, a Plaza Premium lounge (located near the Aukio) and a new child care room.
Intra-European air travel has tripled since then, with over a billion passengers marching down jet bridges in 2017 alone.
Following the incident, Emirates declined to use jet bridges citing inadequate safety standards as reason.
Initially, for the first two to three days, the aircraft were stranded at the terminal's jet bridges, interfering with the smooth operation of the airport.
The report suggests that the Ministry is considering increasing the jet bridge fee for offending airlines which is charged for each plane's use of the jet bridges.
The airport will also have 65 gates and 106 jet bridges.
The two-level terminal building includes 14 gates with new jet bridges, as well as a dynamic design with new restaurants, food court and retail outlets.
The Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport on Tuesday announced a $20.6 million renovation project that will include replacing 44-year-old gate seating and swapping out rusted jet bridges for new heated and cooled bridges.
"In addition to 10 jet bridges, 42 counters have been opened for handling passport procedures and 120 checkpoints set up to ensure smooth procedures for the guests of God," he added.
BANGKOK, May 12, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - VGI Global Media PCL (SET:VGI), a leading provider of lifestyle and OOH media solutions, announced its contractual partnership, with an up to 30% stake, with LED Advance, which together with its affiliates hold the rights to manage different advertising media at different airports - including 32 LED screens in 13 airports of AOT and Thailand's Civil Aviation Department, advertising media at 57 jet bridges in five AOT-run airports and the websites of AOT and all AOT-run airports.
Aviramp is the world's only provider of portable jet bridges designed to provide one point of access for all passengers, including those with reduced mobility.
The airport now has nearly 100 screens with flight information and a restaurant serving hot food and drinks, but it doesn't have jet bridges - the walkways that connect gates to planes at most major airports.