Jet pump

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a device in which a small jet of steam, air, water, or other fluid, in rapid motion, lifts or otherwise moves, by its impulse, a larger quantity of the fluid with which it mingles.

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The automaker is recalling the vehicles because the fuel pump control module may have been mis-programmed from the factory, preventing the jet pump from transferring fuel from the sub tank to the main tank when the level runs low.
Grandfather had put in the jet pump and the cement top in 1941.
My first thought would be that if there is a problem with the feed from the jet pump, having that pump and the accessory pump working in concert may be counterproductive.
Tony Watson, chief executive officer of Clean Beach, said while the principle of jet pump technology is an old one, his company has added some new twists.
Working in 54 feet of water, the crew of the derrick laybarge Big Chief installed a hot tap and used one of the company's three 2,700 gpm@l,150 psi jet pump systems to bury 13,893 feet of pipeline 10 miles off Galveston.
The high pressure injection pumps for jet pump power fluid necessary to extract the crude oil were experiencing damage from contaminants in the crude oil that is re-injected to boost production.
Quadski is powered by a 140 BHP petrol-driven engine, which provides drive to the wheels on land and a marine jet pump on water.
Lincoln Motors has announced an expanded line of Signature Series Closed-Coupled and Jet Pump AC motors.
Unlike more conventional pumps, this jet pump has no moving parts, relying on any fluid supply for motive power.