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(Biography) William Stanley. 1835–82, English economist and logician: introduced the concept of final or marginal utility in The Theory of Political Economy (1871)


(ˈdʒɛv ənz)

William Stanley, 1835–82, English economist.
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Noun1.Jevons - English economist and logician who contributed to the development of the theory of marginal utility (1835-1882)
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Wayne Jevons, 32, of Wirral View Hawarden, pleaded guilty to deliberately delaying the delivery of 1,154 postal packets destined for Deeside, Chester and Neston between May 9, 2012 and June 25, 2013.
JACK JEVONS, 20, from Warrington, is studying for a degree in humanities.
Thornaby manager Kyle Jevons and assistant manager Lewis Vigilante have worked hard to build a team that has won four and drawn one of their first seven games in North Riding Division Three of the TJFA.
County threatened when Iain Howard found the side netting and Jevons gave a foretaste of what was to come when he was just off target.
Michelle Devine, Jennine Jevons, Charlotte Devine, Sharon Cowan, Harvey Jevons and Kirsty Brecknell will be walking in memory of their mum, nan and friend Theresa Pemberton.
Today, however, I have read in the Echo of the quick-thinking action of Lewis Jevons who, upon being informed that a fire close to his home might spread, immediately thought of his little cat Lucy who was shut in the house with no means of escape and rushed home to save her, afterwards cutting off the electricity for safety purposes ("Ferocious blaze guts two homes", July 24).
Today, ex-Blue Phil Jevons recalls the day he knocked Liverpool out of the Carling Cup with Grimsby IT WAS the archetypal 'dream come true'.
The Shrimps took the lead against the pre-match League Two leaders in the 53rd minute when Lewis Alessandra teed up strike-partner Phil Jevons and he slipped the ball past Glenn Morris.
SOUTHEND 1 (Drummond og 83 right) (right) MORECAMBE 1 Jevons 53 Stewart Drummond's own goal rescued a point for Southend after Morecambe goalscorer Phil Jevons had been sent off.
Morecambe cashed in on two of them through Danny Carlton and Phil Jevons before half-time and midway through the second period Stewart Drummond wrapped up the points.
Veteran forward Phil Jevons registered the only first-half home effort of any real note moments later, but his curler shaved the woodwork as Collin scrambled across.
Stanley Jevons makes a number of significant changes to the extensive bibliography published by Inoue and White in 2002.