Jew's mallow

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(Bot.) an annual herb (Corchorus olitorius) cultivated in Syria and Egypt as a pot herb, and in India for its fiber.
a plant (Corchorus olitorius) used as a pot herb by the Jews of Egypt and Syria.

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Four tenders for the supply of dry food & cereals portions including (a) dry beans, (b) dry Jew's mallow, (c) 72 % extraction flour & (d) high quality rice.
The fertile land watered by the Nile produced a large number of vegetables including cucumbers, peas, taro, Jew's mallow, courgettes, purslane, celery, leek, mint and radish.
Made from a green leafy vegetable also known as Jew's mallow, it's cooked in a smooth, thick, tasty stew with lots of garlic and onions and served with white Egyptian rice, roasted chicken, tomato sauce, served separately, and some minced onion with vinegar, also served separately.