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Noun1.Jew-baiter - someone who hates and would persecute JewsJew-baiter - someone who hates and would persecute Jews
hater - a person who hates
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The MP was what Freedland ( termed a "Jew-baiter" because he has associated with people whom the witchfinders decree to be anti-semites.
In many countries Jews are described in terms Hitler's arch Jew-baiter Julius Streicher might have hesitated to use in his hate sheet Der Sturmer.
It is a scene which includes Shakespeare's character, Gratiano, a Jew-baiter, who would have been just as happy, Bloom feels, in Himmler's SS in the Germany of the Third Reich.
As Newman explains, "during the 1930s Winnipeg was the operational headquarters of the Canadian Nationalist Party, led by William Whittaker, a First World War veteran who became a professional Jew-baiter." According to Newman, this history "is not generally known or remembered" and I can vouch for that.
[Anthony] Eden would not invite the country to feast and flatter a notorious Jew-baiter. Only when Christianity is at stake do our leaders show bland indifference.
(119) The only consistent reference to Jews in front-page stories was the description of one of the defendants, the editor of the antisemitic publication Der Stuermer, as "the Jew-baiter, Julius Streicher." (120) Interestingly, this repeated refrain made it seem as if Streicher was the antisemite among the group.
[22] Hank Greenberg said that the Yankees were especially abusive and called New York Yankee outfielder Ben Chapman a "genuine Jew-baiter." Years later, as manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, he similarly slurred Jackie Robinson.
To what extent was the prosecution triggered by that notorious Jew-baiter Bernardino da Feltre, Lenten preacher in the city during the weeks preceding little Simon's death?
Moreover, Hitler himself was not just a crude Jew-baiter. He was a vicious and calculating red-baiter as well, and his first atrocities in office were directed against the left, not against the Jews.
Like all true stars Baron Cohen resolves contradictions: Bruno was at once a narcissistic celebrity and a frantic wannabe; Borat was both a crypto Jew and a rabid Jew-baiter. SBC himself could be described as an amoral moralist, a shy exhibitionist, and an equal opportunity bigotalthough it's worth noting that, like Borat, The Dictator is free of Muslim baiting.