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Noun1.Jewish rye - (Judaism) bread made with rye flour; usually contains caraway seeds
cookery, cooking, preparation - the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat; "cooking can be a great art"; "people are needed who have experience in cookery"; "he left the preparation of meals to his wife"
Judaism - the monotheistic religion of the Jews having its spiritual and ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Torah and in the Talmud
rye bread - any of various breads made entirely or partly with rye flour
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For instance, Michigan Bakery -- Zingerman's Bakehouse -- is using tahini in its Jewish rye bread.
The advertisements that Steinberg investigates-through subject, context, and style-took three major tacks: efforts directed at Jewish consumers, trying to make "non-Jewish" products appealing (e.g., Maxwell House Coffee); attempts to mainstream so-called Jewish products (e.g., Manischewitz wine and Levy's Real Jewish Rye); and more recently, endeavors to market specifically Jewish products to Jews, especially in non-traditional media (e.g., J Date).
Levy's Jewish rye will soon be Arnold's: You don't have to be Jewish.
"I'm certainly hoping that many ethnicities will be attracted to it.'' He recalled the famous advertising slogan "You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's (Jewish rye bread).''
For others, it's the tangy Jewish rye and chocolate-studded challah that emerge from Zingerman's bakery, or the freshly cultured cream cheese from the creamery, that does it.
Linden, an art historian, provides what Deborah Dash Moore, a professor of history at the University of Michigan and the editor of City of Promises, describes as an "alternative narrative," through cultural icons ranging from Jacob Riis's photograph of a Jewish cobbler to Benny Leonard's boxing gloves and to the transformative advertisement that proclaimed "You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's real Jewish Rye."

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