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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Eric Walberg, Canadian author and journalist, says Israel has been trying to take the Judaism elements out of the society, and function as a secular entity; though, it is done under the cover of Jewishness to maintain their international face as a religious regime.
Peretz was quickly challenged by Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz who argued that not only is "assimilation not a critical problem" but that "we must stop looking down on Jews who live in America." He added that not all Jews define their Jewishness via faith and many view their Jewish identity as a cultural and historical one.
With the ethnic wave of the 1960S and 1970s, "The East European Jewish past served as a basis for a proud distinctiveness" and a "new, particularistic, positive Jewishness" emerged (258-259).
(3) Moreover, Oreo's depiction of a secular black and Jewish protagonist rejects the premise that a centrality of faith or religiosity serves as a prerequisite for nonwhite Jewishness. American Jewish literature has frequently articulated seculariry as a viable Jewish identity for white Jewish protagonists.
This volume introduces the life and work of novelist Irene Nemirovsky (1903-1942), including her use of the themes of motherhood, anti-Semitism, Jewishness, and Catholicism.
"I don't think I was explicitly thinking about writing about Jewishness," she told me in an interview.
By critically analyzing and properly contextualizing a wide range of sources, including texts, images, and objects that don't show obvious markers of Jewishness, each book injects new meaning into age-old questions about why Jewish difference mattered in the creation of modern culture in Central Europe.
Jewishness is not something he is oft accused of, but Lebanon's As-Safir ran an article by Sami Kleib Tuesday entitled "Putin's Jewishness, does it benefit the Arabs and Syria?"
What does it mean to be Jewish and what is it that sustains my Jewishness and my deeply rooted loyalty to, and membership in, the Jewish community?
It is not intrinsically a part of Jewishness ..." (para 150).
The newspaper added that Netanyahu government demands recognition of Jewishness of Israel in consideration for the Palestinian demand to freeze settlements unlike what the Israeli Minister of the Judiciary who is in charge of the negotiations dossier, Tsevi Levny stated yesterday that she does not put forth any preconditions in order to return to negotiations with the Palestinian side.