Jews harp

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(or Jews'′) harp`,

(sometimes l.c.) a small, simple musical instrument consisting of a lyre-shaped metal frame containing a metal tongue, which is plucked while the frame is held in the teeth, the vibrations causing twanging tones.
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When turkeycocks on Jews harps play and mountains dance at the
A small sample of the trade list entries includes: '3 bone combes ix Jewes harps', priced at Is., from Thomas Manseck, chapman, of Andover, Hampshire, in 1618; It 5 dozen of Jews harpes 7 dozen of pack needles & Compasses', at a price of 5s., from Clement Austen, ironmonger, of London, in 1667; 'It a parcel of Sifters hogg rings vice tongs Capphookes gunlocks harps & Tobacco tongs', at a total of [pounds sterling]2 19s.
Jews harps In the 18th century, the Birmingham factory M Troman & Co started making Jews harps, Scotch harps and Irish harps.