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(Placename) Plain of Jezreel another name for Esdraelon


(ˈdʒɛz ri əl, -ˌɛl)

Plain of, Esdraelon.
Jez′re•el•ite`, n.
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As we trotted across the Plain of Jezreel, we met half a dozen Digger Indians (Bedouins) with very long spears in their hands, cavorting around on old crowbait horses, and spearing imaginary enemies; whooping, and fluttering their rags in the wind, and carrying on in every respect like a pack of hopeless lunatics.
Presently we came to a ruinous old town on a hill, the same being the ancient Jezreel.
Ahab, King of Samaria, (this was a very vast kingdom, for those days, and was very nearly half as large as Rhode Island) dwelt in the city of Jezreel, which was his capital.
Jezreel Yao, Lucban tourism officer, said: '[The festival date falling on a] weekday and the just concluded elections are important factors behind the [fewer] number of tourists.'
They also picked up their subject's cohorts namely Jezreel Joseph Silva, Harley de Jesus, Mary Rose Santos, Ryan Alvin Tanada, Ralph Ivan Manalang, Nurshida Sabdani, Ma.
Among specific topics are how to encounter a historical problem: 722-720 BCE as a case study, the "Lost Tribes of Israel" in the context of the resettlement program of the Assyrian Empire, Megiddo and Jezreel reflected in the dying embers of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, the last days of Israel: chronological considerations, and Isaiah and the fall of the Kingdom of Israel.
The class will be taught by Fielding Jezreel who has worked in the grants field since 2013 and has raised more than $15 million for nonprofits.
City Council members comprised of ULI members (seated, from left) Jezreel Apelar, COO of Swoop; Sheilla Aguilar, investment relations manager of Ayala Land Inc.; Joel Gargallo of Ayala Land Inc.; Raymond Rufino of The Net Group and Charlie Rufino of The Net Group with the team of public officials.
That medium at Endor in the Jezreel Valley in Canan worked something for Alhaji One-Touche some time ago on this matter.
It commands the fertile Jezreel Valley and what was once a trade route between Egypt and Mesopotamia.
In Pasig, suspected drug pusher Jezreel Bierra,29, was collared in Barangay San Miguel after he allegedly yielded three packs of shabu.