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 (ĕs′drā-ē′lŏn, -drə-, ĕz′-), Plain of
A fertile plain of northern Israel extending from the coastal lowlands near Mount Carmel to the Jordan River valley.
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(Placename) a plain in N Israel, east of Mount Carmel. Also called: Plain of Jezreel
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(ˌɛs dreɪˈi lɒn, -drə-, ˌɛz-)

a plain in N Israel, extending from the Mediterranean near Mt. Carmel to the Jordan River: scene of ancient battles. Also called Plain of Jezreel.
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That medium at Endor in the Jezreel Valley in Canan worked something for Alhaji One-Touche some time ago on this matter.
The group also visited Tel Megiddo and saw a bird's eye view of the Jezreel Valley, the future site of the biblical battle of Armageddon.
The F-16 crashed in the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel where the pilots were taken to hospital for treatment, according to the military, with one seriously wounded and others suffering minor wounds.
Life there was hard, and before long, 12-year-old Eli was sent off to lead a better life on a Shomer Ha'Tzair Kibbutz in the Jezreel Valley. What followed was an endless string of culture shocks, and the kibbutz old-timers made sure Eli never forgot he was only a yeled chutz, an outside child.
(6) The searches are performed throughout Israel, including in the following areas: Judaean Mountains, Shfela, Northern Negev, Judean Desert, Jordan Valley, Beth Shean Valley, Jezreel Valley, (7) the areas near Jerusalem, (8) the Israeli coastal plain, the Upper Galilee, the Lower Galilee, and the Hula Valley.
(NASDAQ: ZN), a company that explores for oil and gas onshore in Israel, has started to drill the Megiddo-Jezreel #1 - a deep onshore well situated in Israel's Jezreel Valley.
Oil and gas company Zion Oil & Gas Inc (NASDAQ: ZN) reported on Sunday the start of drilling operations at the Megiddo-Jezreel number one, which is a deep, onshore well located in Jezreel Valley in Israel.
These days, Shalev divides his time between Jerusalem and a house he renovated in the Jezreel Valley, where he lives with his new partner, graphic designer Ayelet Sade.
Jezreel Valley Mysteres: The Mystere IVA in Israeli Air Force Service, Squadron 109, 1956-1968
He further notes that "[s]imilar finds were also made at Akko, Tell Keisan, Megiddo, Yokne'am and other sites along the western part of the Jezreel Valley up to the modern city of Afula." He sees this assemblage as being unique to the Northern Sea Peoples, but does not return to the topic or explain it more fully until twenty or more pages later (in this book of less than eighty pages), at which time we gradually learn that it essentially consists of monochrome painted pottery, knives, and notched scapulae, among other items.
Similar works are now underway in more than 50 other public shelters in northern cities such as Tzfat, Nahariya, Tiberias, Acco and Shlomi, as well as in the Arab town Sakhnin, and even as far south as Migdal HaEmek just north of the Jezreel Valley. "The internet is taking an increasingly large share of our ability to communicate with the population during emergency situations," Betzalel Treiber of Rachel told Israel Defense News.