Jheri curl

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Jher·i curl

A hairstyle, typically having a wet or glossy appearance, in which tightly curled hair is first relaxed by a chemical application and then given a loosely curled permanent that is maintained by the frequent application of conditioning sprays and other products.

[From Jheri, nickname of Robert William Redding (1907-1998), American cosmetologist and businessman who developed the process used to create the hairstyle .]
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Each chapter begins with a quote and a compelling title, from "A Jheri Curl Saved My Life" to "Wiggy, wiggy, wiggy, wiggy," before revealing one of Rhonda's hair stories.
Rocking an old-fashioned Jheri curl, South Central native G Perico stands out among the seemingly endless sea of aspiring rappers.
Little girl with the press and curl Age eight I got a Jheri curl Thirteen I got a relaxer I was a source of so much laughter At fifteen when it all broke off Eighteen and went all natural February two thousand and two I went and did What I had to do Because it was time to change my life To become the woman that I am inside Ninety-seven dreadlocks all gone I looked in the mirror For the first time and saw that HEY ...
Surely you know Chromco's revisionist shtick by now: we came out with Jheri Curl funk when evervone else was doing "Blue Monday" bass lines.
Hailing from a famous clan of singers known as the Yemenite Jackson family, he reappeared at Eurovision in 1985, sporting a Jheri curl instead of a Jewfro, singing "Ole Ole," and placing fifth.
But, I don't think that I can just watch Lou Brock walk around in 2009 with a helmet-like jheri curl and not mention it.
The past 30 years have seen the Afro replaced by the likes of Jheri curl and dreadlocks in the '80s, braiding, corn rows, locks, and twists in the '90s, and today's rave, the straight-as-a-ruler look--chemically-processed black hair that mimics Caucasian or Asian hair texture and styles--as well as the increasingly popular hair extensions, sown on or glued, to hide the natural look, or the sleek-looking wigs, favoured by women like rapper P Diddy's mother, who is famed for her blonde wigs.
But then came the king of all jacked up hairdos, the Jheri curl. Oh yes, it could not be wet, long or curly enough.
"She uses mad drugs," a female tenant wearing a clear plastic bag over her jheri curl tips off to her landlord downstairs.
While the industry has enjoyed its most robust growth when consumers have been swept away by new hair-styles (notably, the Jheri curl popularized by singer Michael Jackson in the 1970s), Jones is convinced that the current market offers its share of opportunities for manufacturers and retailers adept enough to respond to them.
HAIR: Asymmetrical hair cuts, jheri curl and fantasy styles.